We provide stress reduction practices for sustainable, thriving mental wellness.

Expert training, consulting, and coaching services that drive revenue and alleviate stress.

Immediate Stress Reduction  –  Strengthen Employee Resilience  –  Sustainable Thriving Cultures

Immediate Stress Decompression

2 Week Program

Have your people never gotten back on track since the pandemic?

In less than 5 minutes… we can help your employees move OUT of the overwhelm their feeling.

This program delivers actionable practice tools akin to Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. Like an MBSR course, your employees will learn mindfulness skills that reduce stress. Improved upon from the MBSR program, we include trauma-informed mindfulness, mindful movement, practical meditation, and a coaching-based approach that keeps participants focused on productivity not just stress reduction.

Stressed and overworked employee
Team resilience training in office

Stabilize and Strengthen Resilience

8 Week Program

Become burnout proof.

Having moved out of the “fight or flight” stress response, make sure your staff can flow and innovate through life’s inevitable challenges.

This program delivers:

  • Motivational Maps Assessments
  • Neuroscience Training
  • Discussion Labs
  • Management Power Tools
  • Leadership Debriefs

Sustained Motivational Culture

6-12 Month Customizable Programs

Achieve a culture of thriving mental health.

Become the leader whose people are so productive and inspired… that you can sit back and appreciate just how amazing they are.

This program delivers:

  • Team Coaching Packages for Leaders
  • Staff Coaching Call Banks
  • Continuous Reporting and Metrics
  • Quarterly “Live” Training
  • Strategic Advising
  • New Employee Indoctrination
Motivated workplace culture