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What Meeting Planners are saying…

Meeting planners call us when they are hiring speakers for smart, experienced, innovative audiences who don’t want to hear the “same old thing.”  We provide practical tools and a light-hearted presentation that leaves audiences consistently telling their hosts…

“We loved Brian and Ani!”

Ani and Brian were enthusiastic and engaging speakers who added huge value to The Real Deal seminar with their novel Sensation-Based approach to mindset success. The genuinely cared enough to learn about our audience’s needs so that they could present customized and actionable solutions. We received phenomenal feedback from our attendees who felt they walked away with immediate value. I highly recommend having them at your next event.

Angelique Rewers, CEO, BoldHaus

Ani and Brian are true professionals! They tailored their presentation to fit the theme of my event and the needs of my audience.  I’m not wowed very often, but they wowed me.  I look forward to working with them again and building a long term business relationship.  And I would refer them to any audience who is looking for speakers on personal development, motivation and mindset.

Debbie Allen, Host of the Highly Paid Expert Workshop

Working with Brian and Ani as part of my event was absolutely delightful! They were clearly eager to serve my conference guests and shared thought-provoking content that added richness to my event. I highly recommend Ani and Brian if you are looking for compelling content for your event or if you are ready to work with masterful coaches in key areas of your life and business.

Wendy Y Bailey, CEO, Business Beyond Limits

Brian has taught four different courses for Summit Professional Education including 130 workshops in 30 different states to over 3000 professionals, and gets a 4.8/5 speaker rating.  He’s a passionate and engaging instructor and I highly recommend him for your next event

Bart Lewis, Summit Professional Education

Brian engages audiences to focus on their own fitness using practical examples, medical expertise and interesting analogies that are never forgotten and that change the lives of those hearing him to do better, feel better and live a more pain-free life.

Terry Thompson LHoist NA

What presentation atteendees are saying…

We make you look good because audiences love us. We know when they are feeling drained and we wake them up! Never boring or delivering messages they’ve heard before… you can count on us to delight your crowd. Your audience will say…

“Ani and Brian were so dynamic!”

“Ani and Brian’s session from today was life-changing for me. Not only did it help me overcome a long-standing blockage – it helped me uncover my personal why and gain confidence in sharing my authentic self. Watch our world!”

Kim Seeling Smith

Founder, Ignite Global

“Brian and Ani are the real deal, and their energy is contagious. When you get to play with them, it’s not only fun but very insightful and it works. A winning combo!”

Elizabeth G. Walker

CEO, Terra Firma Consult

“Working with Motivation Beyond Measure is exponentially effective and refreshing. Their innovative method cuts years off of the transformation process.”

Kerri Konik

CEO, Inspire Fire

“Ani and Brian’s presentation took an audience whose energy was dragging and lifted them using humor, skillful techniques, and illuminating insights.”

Ariana Blossom

CEO, Blossom Consulting

“Ani and Brian are experts at explaining the why and showing the how to get you into your zone of genius!”

Sarah Roberts

Leadership Consultant, Clarity Matters Consulting

Sample Speaking Topics

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Applying the science of somatic coaching for sustainable motivation

Great therapists, coaches, and leaders always focus on making a bigger impact. Whether you are an experienced professional, just beginning, or somewhere in between, we all want full engagement from and massive outcomes for our clients. Yet more often than we’d like to admit, we are stymied by a lack of client commitment, distractibility, procrastination, tunnel vision, communication issues, and even distressing physical symptoms; essentially, resistance to change.

At present, motivation in therapy, coaching, or leadership means persuading or inspiring other people, which are all things that we do “for” another person.  As useful as these skills may be, they aren’t sustainable.  True motivation isn’t something that you can give someone else, it’s something that you guide a person to discover within themselves.

Filled with the study of cutting-edge neuroscience, in this session, you will learn the physiological basis of subconscious resistance, its effect on your actions and decision making, as well as clinically tested somatic coaching methods for quickly guiding others to the source of their own persistent negative behaviors; all of this resulting in higher levels of commitment, energy, insight, and client motivation.

Following this presentation participants will be able to:

  • Describe how the subconscious mind is programmed into the physical body
  • Identify the three primary subconscious defenses that create resistance to change
  • Ask three somatic-based questions that quickly reveal persistent limiting beliefs and promote sustainable motivation.
Audience Value: Participants will leave this session with revelatory insights regarding the physiologic source of patterned resistance and practical, somatic methods to quickly identify persistent, hidden core limiting beliefs.

Mental Wellness Is Easier Than You Think

A systematic approach to short-circuiting the body’s stress response that creates mental fatigue, disengagement, and resistance to change.

The Harvard Business Review reports that 89% of employees say that their work lives are getting worse and 85% report that their well-being has declined.  According to a recent survey conducted by the Global Leadership Forecast, 86% of high-potential employees feel “used up” at the end of the workday, 66% of Human Resources professionals feel the same and about 44% of those leaders are considering changing companies. The Stress and mental wellness crisis aren’t coming sometime off in the future, it is here NOW. 

Higher and uncontrolled rates of workplace stress have been definitively linked to substantially higher rates of heart disease, back pain, cancer, injuries, infections, mental health issues, substance abuse, and relationship conflicts.  Organizationally the infectious nature of stress negatively impacts individual and team performance, customer care, ability to innovate, health insurance costs, and most certainly the financial bottom line.

While rational stress reduction actions like flex-time, work from home, and counseling services are extremely valuable, their positive results take time; after all, stress isn’t rational it’s physiological. Yoga and mindfulness classes are also excellent tools, however, because they tend to focus on “separating” from work their positive effects are lost quickly when returning to work.  What is needed now is a proven, systemized approach to quickly short circuiting the stress response where it lives, in the body, and then supporting that shift with simple tools guaranteed to enhance motivation and engagement.

Following this talk participants will be able to:

  • Explain the links between our bodies stress responses and strengthening mental wellness
  • Identify the number one mistake leaders and colleagues make that fuels stress
  • Perform the 3 step process for rapidly shifting people from overwhelm to motivation and focus

Audience Value: Participants will leave this presentation and immediately understand the deeper cause of their stress, its influences on others, and how to quickly and consistently shift into highly productive states of creativity and innovation.

Speaking Bios

Brian Trzaskos

Brian Trzaskos PT LMT CSCS CMP MI-C is a somatic intelligence expert and co-creator of Sensation-Based Motivation coaching. He is a nationally recognized expert for his work in coaching, training, and mentoring leaders of health and wellness service organizations as well as human development professionals in evidence-based, holistic stress reduction practices and the science of trauma-informed motivation. Initially educated as a physical therapist at the State University of New York at Buffalo and the world-renowned Craig Hospital in Denver CO, Brian has extensive experience in neurophysiology and somatic psychology. His programs have improved individual motivation scores up to 167%.

Currently, Brian is one of the only practitioners licensed in the U.S. to employ the Motivational Maps assessment, the only assessment designed to measure the full spectrum of motivation. Along with these assessments and the research-supported sensation-based coaching methods he has developed and teaches, Brian’s solutions get to the core of persistent problems in health, motivation, and performance, turning leaders and businesses into the irresistible organizations that no top performer or client ever wants to leave.

Ani Anderson Pic

Ani Anderson, MS, OT, LMT, CEMP is the bestselling author of Find Your Soul’s Agenda and co-creator of Sensation-Based Motivation Coaching. She holds advanced degrees and certifications in Occupational Therapy, Energy Medicine, Massage Therapy, and the eastern healing arts of Tai Chi and Qigong.

A performer at heart, Ani left her hometown at the age of ten to pursue her first major performing role in a Broadway musical. She left her performing arts career for college knowing that she was meant to make a bigger difference in the world than she could as an actor. Now, she is a sought-after expert in the topic of sales resistance and bridges the gap between wellness and sales in a unique way that makes audiences understand how to humanize their business. Ani’s solutions explode profits by helping wellness professionals break the generations-old earnings ceiling surrounding healing professionals, as well as bringing humanity to the unlikely profession of sales. 

Brian and Ani

Ani and Brian often speak together to blend their styles for maximum audience benefit. Brian brings the “geeky science and statistics” and Ani brings the light-hearted relatability. As health and wellness motivational speakers, audiences appreciate “BriAni” and the genuineness they bring. Either or both are available for keynotes, trainings, and breakout sessions. Favorite audiences include; healthcare professionals, mental health professionals, entrepreneurs, therapists, coaches, fitness experts and CEOs. 

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Ani and Brian at a speaking event
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Ani and Brian at a speaking event
Ani and Brian at a speaking event
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Ani and Brian after an embodiment event
Ani and Brian at a speaking event
Ani and Brian at a speaking event
Ani and Brian at a speaking event
Ani with guest after a speaking event
Ani and Brian after an embodiment event
Ani and Brian at a speaking event