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Marketing and Sales 

80% of people inaccurately predict their own motivations.

That means… asking your client’s what motivates them won’t work!

How can you market and sell to clients who don’t have an awareness of what they truly want?

Private Coaching Session

Keep Your Ideal Team Members

For Leaders and Managers

Stress Decompression • Burnout Prevention

We are the experts that organizations call when they want to create cultures of sustainable employee mental wellness, embodied leadership, resiliency, and motivation.

Our somatic coaching practices provide employees, managers, and leaders with the learning required to achieve immediate relief from stress, the education needed to stabilize and strengthen resilience, and the support to create thriving, motivated cultures.

Thriving team at work

Remove Your Blocks to Success

For Entrepreneurs, Founders and CEOs

Entrepreneurs meeting for coffee

Develop an awareness of the blocks in your mind. Embodied leadership development to help leaders grow their impact and income with energy and inspiration.

→ Assessments

→ Private Strategy Days and Retreats

→ Somatic Leadership Coaching

→ Private Consulting/Coaching Programs


Transform the Lives of Others

Somatic Coaching Certification

Imagine expertly navigating any situation that gets thrown your way.

Imagine always being able to create a breakthrough for someone no matter how resistant they are.

Consider that being able to overcome the resistance change in people’s minds makes you more valuable in the marketplace… whether you work for yourself or someone else.

→ Embodied leadership that get better results for your people… with less stress for you.

(Yes… it’s the “Easy Button” for people problems…)

We Get Results

♦ Improve motivation by up to 167%
♦ Boost revenue by up to 160%
♦ Stop wasting development money on programs that don’t work
(we get an average ROI of 520%)

“If you are a CEO or leader who wants to improve your organization’s health and bottom line by supporting and growing your people, get Motivation Beyond Measure on board today!”

Nick George

CEO, High Peaks Hospice

“Business is the best it’s been all-year, just a few weeks after taking the program.” 

Jon Block

Founder, Speaker Venture

“Having my Motivational Map done was hugely validating for me and I was able to immediately apply the information within 24 hours to successfully book a client at my highest asking rate yet!”  

Jay Pryor

Author of Lean In and CEO, Jay Pryor Consulting

“Ani and Brian are true professionals! They tailored their presentation to fit the theme of my event and the needs of my audience.  I’m not wowed very often, but they wowed me. I look forward to working with them again and building a long-term business relationship.  And I would refer them to any audience who is looking for speakers on personal development, motivation and mindset.”

Debbie Allen

Creator, The Highly Paid Expert

“Ani and Brian were enthusiastic and engaging speakers who added huge value to THE REAL DEAL seminar with their novel somatic approach. They genuinely cared enough about learning our audience’s needs so that they could present customized and actionable solutions. We received phenomenal feedback from our attendees who felt they walked away with immediate value. I highly recommend having them at your next event.”

Angelique Rewers

CEO, The Corporate Agent

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We Give 5% to Kids

Discover how supporting MBM’s programs give underprivileged kids the opportunity to understand sustainable mental wellness, embodied leadership and motivation as a way of LIFE.


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