2 Week Stress Decompression Program

50% Less Employee Stress in 2 Weeks

Foundational Skills for Stress Decompression

Research shows that employee stress has reached unprecedented levels and is still climbing.  The employee mental wellness crisis isn’t coming sometime off in the future, it’s here now.  The Harvard Business Review’s current series on employee burnout has highlighted continually alarming trends, including that 89% of their survey respondents say that their work lives are getting worse and 85% report that their well-being has declined.  According to a recent survey conducted by the Global Leadership Forecast, 86% of high-potential employees feel “used up” at the end of the workday. 66% of Human Resources professionals feel the same and about 44% of those leaders are considering changing companies.

Stress is fundamentally a response to threats and it impacts our bodies, emotions, and thoughts in predictable ways:  

In our bodies:  

  • Muscles tighten
  • Blood pressure rises
  • Breathing gets rapid and shallow
  • Gut churns
  • Increased sensitivity and pain

In our emotions:  

  • We numb out

  • Projected anger

  • Fear and anxiety

  • Guilt and shame

  • Hair-trigger outbursts

In our thoughts:  

  • Clouded judgment

  • Disorganized planning

  • Poor decision making

  • Intrusive images

  • Self-doubt and loss of confidence

What most of us call “stress” is our body’s response to a threat, whether we agree with it or not.  Even if we can’t readily identify what the threat might be or have identified it and consciously don’t think it’s a big deal, if our body is acting like it’s stressed then we in some way are in fact feeling threatened. 

Now you can turn the tide on stress levels in your organization by using our proven, high-quality system with your people. 

“I had the opportunity to work with Brian in a workshop with the amazing Ani Anderson, and then one on one. Both experiences were outstanding. I was looking to sharpen my focus, motivation, and clarity of purpose. I got so much more than that from our work together. I was able to shore up my experience and life’s results to be able to get into action regarding the things that matter in my business and my personal life. I have lifelong tangible tools to use, and more importantly, exercises I must keep doing to keep all of those muscles strong!”

Marysia Czarski

Founder, Velocity Partnership

2 Week Stress Decompression

Program Features

Workshop 1:

Release the Pressure

In this 2-hour workshop, we will introduce and practice the most efficient ways to rapidly decompress your body’s stress responses and return to a more balanced state.  Based on the foundations of neuroscience, this Core Centering process leverages the 3 key elements necessary for effectively releasing stress at a cellular level so that you can feel more relaxed and focused.  

Workshop 2:

Regain Your Brain 

In this 2-hour workshop, we will deepen your body’s capacity to release stress, reveal what is really driving your stress responses, and learn the technique for quickly activating higher brain centers so that you can maintain clear thinking and stay connected with others despite what is happening around you.  


Perceived Stress Index

The Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) is a classic stress assessment instrument. This tool remains a simple and effective choice for helping us understand how different situations affect our feelings and our perceived stress. We will handle all of the data collection and interpretation for you.

Actionable Tools

Following each workshop, participants will be given simple yet powerful body strategies and intellectually-focused strategies for quickly dissipating stress and getting their thinking back on track that they will be able to employ independently. 

Q&A Forum

2 week Q&A forum for participants to get questions answered directly by our insturctor.

“I have spent time in seminars with well-known and respected individuals in the field of healing and metaphysics, who I admire greatly, and never got close to what I got from one day with Brian.”

Alicia Mena

Physical Therapist

Stress Myths

MYTH: Stress should be managed

TRUTH: Stress is a subconscious, automatic response to a perceived threat.  Stress was never meant to be managed, but rather is an evolutionary response designed to help someone survive.

MYTH: Stress is bad

TRUTH: Stress in neither good nor bad; stress is a reaction to a perceived threat.  In fact, the body responses associated with what most people call “stress” are absolutely necessary for life!

MYTH: Stress can be fixed solely by learning more about it

TRUTH: While education on what stress is, what causes it, and how to address it is of vital importance, without taking action that affects a persons physiology, knowledge of stress itself is practically useless.

MYTH: Stress happens because people think negatively

TRUTHIf this were true then it’s likely humans would have gone extinct millions of years ago.  Everyone has negative thoughts and research supports the idea that it’s not the negative thoughts that elevate stress but rather the attempted suppression of those thoughts.

MYTHPositive thinking stops stress

TRUTHWhile regular positive thinking does have protective benefits, stress is a subconscious response over which the conscious mind as minimal capability to stop a full blown stress response.

MYTHSomeone or something outside of you causes your stress

TRUTH: While relationships and the environment may foster conditions that feel threatening, the specific activators of stress live within our own subconscious as products of our conditioning.

MYTHStress is hard to deal with

TRUTH: Highly effective stress reduction has been elusive because of the non-integrative approaches people usually take. With our current understanding of the physiological, cognitive, relational, and environmental elements, dealing with stress can be both efficient and effective.

Program Creator:
Brian Trzaskos, PT LMT CSCS CMP MI-C

Brian Trzaskos PT LMT CSCS CMP MI-C is a somatic intelligence expert and co-creator of Sensation-Based Motivation coaching. He is a nationally recognized expert for his work in coaching, training, and mentoring leaders of health and wellness service organizations as well as human development professionals in evidence-based, holistic stress reduction practices and the science of trauma-informed motivation. Initially educated as a physical therapist at the State University of New York at Buffalo and the world-renowned Craig Hospital in Denver CO, Brian has extensive experience in neurophysiology and somatic psychology. His programs have improved individual motivation scores up to 167%.

Currently, Brian is one of the only practitioners licensed in the U.S. to employ the Motivational Maps assessment, the only assessment designed to measure the full spectrum of motivation. Along with these assessments and the research-supported sensation-based coaching methods he has developed and teaches, Brian’s solutions get to the core of persistent problems in health, motivation, and performance, turning leaders and businesses into the irresistible organizations that no top performer or client ever wants to leave.

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