Understand your customer’s motivations better than they understand themselves… so you can… close more sales and improve post-sales service utilization.

Expert training, consulting, and coaching services that drive revenue and alleviate stress.

*For Entrepreneurs: Sign Up Solutions*
*For Small Business: Revenue Boost-Camp*
*For Sales & Marketing Teams: Ideal Client Mapping*

For Entrepreneurs

The Sign-Up Solution

You have 1 of 3 problems… and likely you don’t know which problem you have. You either have a…

  • Sales problem
  • Marketing problem, or a
  • Clarity problem

You MUST identify which problem you have so you can fix it without wasting TONS of money on things like marketing and strategy development.

Sign up for this consultation and at the end, you will know…

  1. What problem you are having (sales, marketing, or clarity)
  2. What is “actually” blocking you
  3. Your next step strategy.
Female entrepreneur on phone meeting
Small business team in business bootcamp

For Small Business Owners

Revenue Boost-Camp

You know how to sell stuff… but your team doesn’t and likely… they don’t want to!

We help “people people” love sales.

This program delivers:

  • Assessments: Each of your team members will learn their selling super motivator
  • Workshops: We will train your team members in influential selling so they never have to feel sleazy or salesy when making a sale- ever again.
  • Team Coaching: We will hold your team members hands (because you are busy) as they navigate successful selling.
  • Leadership Strategic Consulting: Private leadership power-up sessions to help you step out of the “doing” role and improve cash flow. 

For Sales and Marketing Your Business

Ideal Client Avitar Motivational Mapping

80% of people can not identify what truly motivates them… which means…

You will be wasting your money and time by surveying customers or guessing what motivates them to buy and/or utilize your services based on what they tell you.

We will identify what innately motivates your ideal client and give you the exact questions they are asking inside their heads so that you can land more ideal clients and serve them better!

This program delivers:

  • Discovery: We will identify what truly motivates your ideal client.
  • Design: We will train your team and audit and optimize your marketing and sales communication.
  • Implementation: We will coach your team to embody high-quality relationship sales conversations.
  • Continuous Improvement: We will support your team in improving effectiveness and efficiency… no matter what changes they are facing.
Sales and marketing team meeting
Small business team in business bootcamp

Insurance Based Health and Wellness Offices

Leak Proof Billing

Don’t give the insurance companies more money!

We can help you eliminate collections, reduce your outstanding patient receivables down to next to nothing, and get the highest possible reimbursement for your team.

This program delivers:

  • Assessment: We will assess your monetary leaks by auditing your systems and your office staff’s mindset.
  • Systemize: We will tighten up your systems so there are no more money leaks improving your cash flow!
  • Implement: We will train your front office staff in the mindset required to be a staff of excellence. We will also teach you how to hire the right people and onboard your new staff into your leak-proof culture.
  • Leadership Strategic Advisement: Because you need to lead this team of rockstars.