Master overcoming people’s resistance to change

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Why do some people get better and others don’t?

Brian Trzaskos stretching Patrick Irland, Columbine High School shooting victim during physical therapy
Brian Trzaskos stretching Patrick Ireland, Columbine High School shooting victim during physical therapy.
(Photo by, Life Magazine)

Brian asked himself this question repeatedly while working as a physical therapist at the prestigious Craig Hospital for brain injuries. The fact was… no matter how “bad” a person symptoms… whether a sprained ankle or a head injury… some people got better and some people didn’t.

Some patients recovered completely from conditions that doctors saw no hope for, and others with predictable outcomes didn’t achieve them.


Brian was on a quest to find an answer to this question so that he could help his patients fully and completely heal from chronic pain.

That was years ago… now we know the answer lies in people’s subconscious patterns and is applicable to every life circumstance… not just chronic pain.

Motivation Beyond Measure is home to the following cutting-edge certification programs:

> Sensation-Based Motivation Coaching

> The Cross Mapping Method

> Core Resonance Remodeling

> Core Centering 

SBMC is a groundbreaking, trauma-sensitive, and research-supported approach that integrates mindfulness, somatic coaching, neuroscience, natural law, and bioenergetics, to train coaches and holistic practitioners in becoming influential and motivating health and wellness leaders. Check out the SBMC page to get more information about how to become a certified SBMC coach. 

The Cross Mapping Method is a sensation reframing tool that can be used to eliminate chronic physical pain and emotional stress, anxiety, and other forms of emotional suffering. Rehabilitation therapists use the Cross Mapping Method to eliminate physical pain. Therapists, Coaches, Leaders and Managers use the Cross Mapping Method to motivate people who resist change. 

Every thought, word and behavior starts as a physical sensation.

Every thought, word and behavior starts as a physical sensation.

Somatic coaching is a hot topic right now because chronic stress is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Since stress is experienced through the autonomic nervous system in the body, it makes sense to use body-based (somatic) approaches to deal with it.

What most people do not know… is that every behavior, not just stress… starts as a bodily sensation. Every behavior or behavior pattern has a somatic base.

→ The idea that our “thinking” creates our experience is incomplete.

→ The idea that “thoughts” create our reality is not completely accurate.

→ The idea that you’re mind is between your ears is downright false.

Behavior – every behavior – starts as physical sensations FIRST. That’s not an opinion. That’s physiology.

Somatic coach training for life coaches

Coaches and Therapists

  • Get clients to do their homework and accountability actions.
  • Enroll more people in your services.
  • Receive testimonials and case studies that make your marketing effortless…

…and stop dealing with frustrating, pain in the neck clients.

Somatic coach training for leaders in workplace


  • End unproductive meetings with staff.
  • Expedite win-win decision making.
  • Stop needing to “convince people” to motivate themselves…

…and help the people you lead become empowered self-leaders

Sales and marketing team meeting


  • End people drama.
  • Understand people’s secret “easy buttons.”
  • Feel qualified to handle any issue people bring up… including emotional ones…

…and stop having to hide in the broom closet to get your own work done because people are constantly bugging you.

Coaches are often not trained in modalities like somatic psychotherapy or somatic experiencing, and so they often have to deal with resistance clients bring them, and are ill-equipped to handle it because… resistance to change is not intellectual, is physiological.

Traditional thought would say resistance to change can be coached or managed intellectually, however, when we look at neuroscience, we understand that any approach that does not include the body (soma) will not provide practical solutions to resistance. This is why clients who experience SBMC often say… “no one has ever been able to tell me HOW to change my subconscious mind’s patterns until I used this approach.”

Our methodology is trauma-sensitive. While we do not aim to recruit clients because they have trauma, we do know we can handle anything clients bring to a session. Since 90% of people have experienced trauma (as reported prior to the covid 19 pandemic by multiple sources), it is inevitable that coaches everywhere MUST use trauma-informed solutions.

My life was run by low level anxiety, second-guessing myself, making myself small compared to others, and trying to ensure everyone else was doing well.  This all lead to being pissed off a lot. I read so many good ideas, thoughts, theories but I could not figure out how to practically apply them to me or they seemed to be missing something… I KNEW the answers were there. I KNEW that it had something to do with Me.. “SBMC has given me the tools in a structured and immediately applicable way to access my core confidence and truth.  It has changed EVERYTHING in every square inch of my life. This one simple thing solved all of my seemingly separate and complicated problems.
Kate LaValley

Physical Therapist

I have found Ani and Brian to be two of the most grounded individuals I have encountered in the personal development industry. They are a breath of fresh air- knowledgable, real and relatable.
Shelly Van Goeye

Certified Coach

I am SO grateful for Ani and Brian!!! What a trip that I have been on floundering and not getting clients. Once I started the SBMC program and speaking from my heart, the clients flocked in!
Augusta Good Krahl

ICF Coach

I’ve been working in the field of somatic therapy and coaching for many years and have been through lots of programs.  The Sensation-Based Motivation somatic coaching program is chock full of incredible value and is at least a 25K program.

Nancy Jonker, PhD

Before SBMC,  my practice as a PT/ Craniosacral therapist was missing…”something”. I was feeling drained and my hands were feeling the extra effort I put in to get the same results. I was tired, and questioning my path. What I have realized is that my path needed to go inward. Once I discovered my soul agenda, and applied it with the tools learned in SBMC, my inner world started shifting. I feel more aware and better taken care of. My practice has enlivened! I am having fun!…both with the tools and with seeing the curiosity in my patients eyes as they try something new. (SBMC is an adventure and its tools are bringing me more freedom so I can connect to myself and others more fully.)
Shannon Bessette

Physical and CranioSacral Therapist

Prior to joining the SBMC I was lacking confidence, searching for answers to what was next for me and I wanted to solve the challenges in my life that had been showing up over and over and over again. SMBC has allowed me gain the confidence I was seeking. I learned tools to use to continue my growth, my desired self expression, my pattern awareness and healing. Coaching with the SBMC tools is a wonderful and fulfilling experience. Beyond myself, my clients have gained confidence, are more aware and able to navigate their lives with more success and fulfillment. 

If you are like me and are looking for your own transition or healing and if you want to make an impact in others lives – joining Ani & Brian in their Sensation Based Motivation Coaching (SBMC) program will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. It was for me.

Janice Grodsky

Spiritual Life Coach

When I learned about SBMC, I had been working as a case manager in social services for 14 years. I recognized those clients I had less impact with, usually had history of trauma, suffered generational poverty, and/or mental health issues often co-occurring with substance use disorder.
An SBMC coach is able to support client’s navigating and neutralizing the resistance, obstacles and challenges client’s face throughout their journey. Utilizing SBMC methods, I’m able to coach clients through specific exercises that help clients develop the resolving factors that allow for reframing the old pattern to no longer contaminate reaching the goal. For me personally since introduction to SBMC, my desire for criminal justice reform has grown to integrate these methods into a new holistic system that restores that drive for purpose, not pain. I believe that SBMC methods have the capacity to end mass incarceration, by implementing scientific researched methods of personal growth and healing so folks return to community ready to contribute from their place of authenticity, wholeness and joy.

If you are like me and are looking for your own transition or healing and if you want to make an impact in others lives – joining Ani & Brian in their Sensation Based Motivation Coaching (SBMC) program will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. It was for me.

Heather Newcomb

Case Manager, VT Works for Women