What stands in the way of you being a massive success and impacting and influencing the lives of hundreds, thousands, and millions of people?

Too often, people are told to focus solely on their goals and stay in the positive while research shows that exclusive attention on your desired outcomes actually makes it less likely that you will achieve them. The secret to success lies not in solely focusing on what you want, but rather knowing specifically what is going to get in your way and exactly how to overcome it. That thing that is going to get in your way is always one thing – Subconscious Resistance.

Resistance comes in three basic forms:

1) Blind spots
2) Emotional resistance; and
3) Physical resistance

It is interesting that while resistance is an exceedingly routine part of human growth, it’s not natural. Nature resists nothing and is constantly growing into more life.

Our archetype quiz helps to point out the emotional resistance patterns you most commonly fall into when trying to achieve a new goal. Just like the seasons, these resistance patterns flow predictably from one to the next, so we like to call this cycle the “Wheel of Resistance.” The good news is… the solution to your resistance problem operates in a predictable flow too… but! Before you can find out the solution… you need to have full awareness of the problem at hand. 

So, Let’s go!

Let’s find out your primary resistance archetype.

WARNING: You will not like it 😳🙄🤣

Unlike a lot of quizzes where you get to find out how awesome you are, this quiz will tell you what is standing in your way of becoming more awesome than you ever imagined you could be… but let’s face it… the results aren’t going to be fun and pretty. No one likes their results! 🤣So when you’re done reading your results, click on the button to get free training on ALL the resistance archetypes and the whole “Wheel of Resistance” so you can get more information about getting OFF the wheel of resistance and ON the natural path of success. 👉👉👉