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Organizations can’t afford the bad reputation that comes along with dissatisfied customers. These negative opinions can quickly become brand perception. According to Gallup, organizations with happy staff show 147% higher earnings per share than their competitors. Happy employees ARE your brand.

Productivity Costs

Staff who complain, underperform or frustrate everyone can be your organization’s biggest wasted asset. Most organizations systems are not set up to explore deep conversations, but a savvy leader understands authentic communication is critical to uncovering your people’s invisible gifts, improving revenue by more than 200%.

Turnover Costs

Some of your best employees are already thinking about leaving. In fact, the first sign you are going to have a turnover problem isn’t something you see, it’s something you DON’T see. If you don’t see your people regularly sharing their creativity that is the first sign that you are likely to have a big, expensive problem on your hands in the near future.

Wasted People Investments

One-size-fits-all leadership development, employee engagement and culture change initiatives fail to make any measurable difference. This is evidenced by the billions of dollars spent on development costs that aren’t moving the needle and haven’t for years. We get an average of a 400% ROI for our clients.

A sustainable NEW way to experience motivation.

How We Create The Magic:

Motivational Diagnostics

We have a combined 50 years of experience and more than 86,000 client hours solving problems that are invisible to other experts. Nothing gets by us! We will identify your organization’s “dead-spots” and effectively bring your people back to life,  delivering you a proven and predictable return on your investment.

Motivational Mapping

A unique set of motivators drive each of your employee’s actions, decisions, attitudes and efforts. Using the only validated assessment tool measuring motivation, Motivational Maps, we will identify your staff’s unique “drivers”, report metrics and teach you how to predictably motivate your people.

Motivational Momentum

For socially responsible leaders who are committed to maximizing impact, we will teach you our proven 3D motivational communication strategies to so that your employees can SELF-motivate. Imagine how much extra time you will have with an office full of happy, self-motivated workers?

Motivational Maximization

A deep-dive mentorship for the most committed visionary leaders willing to evolve beyond measures and metrics and into the very heart and soul of your organization. You know your people are your most valuable asset. We will teach you how to tap that well continuously and make a huge, sustainable impact.

***The benefits our clients receive from working together go deeper than superficial revenue loss and fancy metrics.
We will help you unlock the hidden capacities of your people, turning your organization into a powerhouse that makes a huge difference in the lives of others.

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We love our clients.
Here’s why they love us back.

“If you are a CEO or leader who wants to improve your organization’s health and bottom line by supporting and growing your people, get Motivation Beyond Measure on board today!”

Nick George

CEO, High Peaks Hospice

“Business is the best it’s been all-year, just a few weeks after taking the program.” 

Jon Block

Founder, Speaker Venture

“Having my Motivational Map done was hugely validating for me and I was able to immediately apply the information within 24 hours to successfully book a client at my highest asking rate yet!”  

Jay Pryor

Author of Lean In and CEO, Jay Pryor Consulting

“Ani and Brian are true professionals! They tailored their presentation to fit the theme of my event and the needs of my audience.  I’m not wowed very often, but they wowed me. I look forward to working with them again and building a long-term business relationship.  And I would refer them to any audience who is looking for speakers on personal development, motivation and mindset.”

Debbie Allen

Creator, The Highly Paid Expert

 “Ani and Brian were enthusiastic and engaging speakers who added huge value to THE REAL DEAL seminar with their novel sensation-based approaches. They genuinely cared enough to learn about our audience’s needs so that they could present customized and actionable solutions. We received phenomenal feedback from our attendees who felt they walked away with immediate value. I highly recommend having them at your next event.”

Angelique Rewers

CEO, The Corporate Agent

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