Your Private Business Growth Consultant

Remove the invisible blocks to your progress and success.

Hi! We're Brian and Ani!

Hi! We're Brian and Ani!

Before we talk about being your private business growth consultant… let’s get to know each other a little better…

You may have never seen us apart… however when it comes to being business growth consultants… we do things very differently.

  • Brian’s forte is helping people enjoy exceptional levels of energy and wellness
  • Ani’s genius is supporting wellness business owners in getting more clients and making a bigger impact with their work.

Together we are known as “BriAni”… (That’s our Rock Star name… in case you were wondering.)

Brian: In addition to being the sought-after expert CEOs and executives call when their energy is depleted or their backs go out, Brian has trained some of the most cutting-edge rehabilitation practitioners around the world in the methods he has developed and been providing his clients for over 20 years. Brian is the creator of Rehabilitative Qigong and Tai Chi as well as the co-creator of Sensation-Based Motivation Coaching.

Ani: Besides growing a global training institute, founding and operating 2 wellness centers, and creating a product line of DVDs and video training for their own business, Ani has helped many kind-hearted and gentle wellness practitioners become “bad-ass” about growing their businesses. She is a sought-after advisor to wellness-based CEOs and start-ups, often helping her clients close their first “big ticket” deals.

Currently, there are 3 ways to work with us…

1) Organizational Work

2) Certification Program, SBMC

3) Private Business Growth Consulting

How private consultations work…

Do you need a wellness (Brian?) Or a business growth (Ani?)

Send an email to our customer support assistant who will get you booked! (

When we meet, we will have a 1-hour Zoom call. Our job is to help you get clear on the problem that you are having (most people THINK they understand their problem however they are way off…) and help you pinpoint the solution to solving your problem. By the time you are finished, you will be clear on 3 things;

  1. What you truly want to achieve
  2. What is “actually” blocking you
  3. Your next step solution.

Only people who have private business growth consultations will be eligible for consideration as longer-term private clients. Please be aware that private clients invest between $4,000- $80,000 depending on their program.

The private consultation fee is: $597

Also note, your session will be recorded, however, there is no follow-up procedure when you see a business growth consultant. Continued email support is a service we provide to our private clients and students. Thank you for understanding!

How to Set Up Your Consultation

Send an email to and get started!

How long will you have to wait for a session?

That depends on our schedules… so the sooner you book, the better. See you soon!

My experience working with Brian was outstanding. I was looking to sharpen my focus, motivation, and clarity of purpose. I got so much more than that from our work together. I have lifelong tangible tools to use!

Marysia Czarski

Founder, Velocity Partnership

I have spent time in seminars with well-known and respected individuals in the field of healing and metaphysics, who I admire greatly, and never got close to what I got from my VIP day with Brian.

Alicia Mena

Occupational Therapist

I felt a lot of negativity going through me with certain business and personal challenges. I wanted a breakthrough. When I met Brian, I trusted him right away as a man of tremendous integrity AND who was truly an expert in helping others have significant emotional breakthroughs.

Jon Block

Founder, Speaker Venture

Brian has taught me how to not be afraid of pain, my own, or my client’s. That’s pretty amazing.

Cris Caivano

Author, Strength Training Over 50

Working with Motivation Beyond Measure and Ani has been the most eye-opening experience of my life. 

I can safely say there’s a “before Ani” and “after Ani” chapter in my book of life and I’m so grateful for the opportunities you’ve given me, Ani.

Samantha Farina

Owner, TOTLbill

Ani gave me strength along with all the business skills to really help me create and manifest my hearts work.  She is an Angel on earth. I’m so grateful she is using her gifts to help facilitate others in their work. 

Lucia Voorhies

Owner , Ancient Roots Massage & Wellness

I went from being in debt, over-drawn in my bank accounts, with no idea how to “find” clients to having consistent $10,000 months for the last 3 months

Julie Balderrama

Founder, The Dream Witch

If you are struggling with clarity on business structure to feed your soul and add continuous value to your clients, look no further.

Dr. Shallyn MacDonald, PT DPT FAAOMPT