If you think you can SEE everything that is affecting your bottom line, you’re mistaken!

Resistance is the thing that stands in your way of making a massive impact and influence not only in the lives of others… but also in your bank account.

Resistance comes in three basic forms:

1) Blind spots
2) Emotional resistance; and
3) Physical resistance

Find out how much đź’¸money đź’¸your resistance is costing you!

Our resistance calculator will show you the invisible situations that are zapping resources, including your energy level, time, and your wallet! The good news is… the solution to your resistance problems operate in a predictable flow… and they are fixable! But before you can find out the solution… you need to have full awareness of the problem.

So… Let’s go!

Let’s find out how much money you are losing to resistance. 

Grab a pencil and a calculator!