Everyone wants to be



and productive… 

When did work become the biggest stressor in your life?

When all you wanted was to create a vehicle for freedom –
an organization built to support people and change the world…

“If I could only make copies of myself,” is something we hear all the time.

When you work alone, you know what to do and can be super productive. But that is not an option. You’re a leader.

You’ve got a team of people working toward the mission, which broadens your impact… but suddenly… your role became about talking, micro-managing, mediating workplace drama, sending long-winded emails…
People are exhausting! Especially when they don’t understand what you go through as a leader.
If you focus too much on trying to figure out what they need to do their work, it’s easy to lose sight of your own vision and priorities.
If you don’t give them enough attention or say the wrong thing, it can cause problems (which they might not even tell you about) but will negatively impact their work and their relationship with you for years – leading to compounding productivity and turnover costs.
It’s a delicate balance you never seem to get right…
And all of this people-worrying is taking its toll – on your health, your sanity, and your bottom line.

Stop dreading the work that was once your purpose.

We help proactive conscious business leaders eliminate personality conflicts that cause expensive, time and energy-sucking “dead-spots” in their organizations.


We do this by getting you and your staff clear on your deep motivational drivers, which allow you to connect and support one another based on core values and common goals; instead of reacting to each other’s triggering personality traits.

Staff who complain, underperform or frustrate everyone can be your organization’s biggest wasted asset. Most organizations’ systems are not set up to explore deep conversations, but a savvy leader understands authentic communication is critical to uncovering your people’s invisible gifts, improving revenue by more than 200%.

Once you connect to and start operating from your core motivations, you and your team can establish a new flow together and feel the freedom you need to safely unravel the reflexes (hidden traumas) that have been causing the conflict, exhaustion, poor communication, and anxiety you’ve just been “dealing with” instead of healing.

The first step is to start with your own personal Motivational Maps Assessment to understand the system and what drives you as a leader.

This assessment is ideal for conscious, open-minded organizational leaders and entrepreneurs seeking to awaken their next unknown level of personal effectiveness, fulfillment, and influence with people.


Motivational Maps is the only validated assessment tool for measuring motivation.


Register for the our free “What Drives Me” Executive Webinar to see how it works and what it can do for you.

Once you’re clear on your own motivational drivers, you’ll be able to effectively repair the tension with the people around you and bring the Motivational Maps Assessment to everyone in your organization.


Getting everyone clear on their motivational drivers will immediately reduce friction as you continue to grow together. You’ll have the ability to instantly connect with what intrinsically motivates your staff to share their best work without the guesswork or the risk of triggering another conflict.


Some of your best employees are already thinking about leaving. In fact, the first sign you are going to have a turnover problem isn’t something you see, it’s something you DON’T see. If you don’t see your people regularly sharing their creativity that is the first sign that you are likely to have a big, expensive problem on your hands in the near future.


The third step, for leaders ready to invest in creating an entirely self-motivated organization, is to collectively train in our proven 3D motivational communication strategies.

One-size-fits-all leadership development, employee engagement and culture change initiatives fail to make any measurable difference.

This is evidenced by the billions of dollars spent on development costs that aren’t moving the needle and haven’t for years. We get an average of a 400% ROI for our clients.

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“If you are a CEO or leader who wants to improve your organization’s health and bottom line by supporting and growing your people, get Motivation Beyond Measure on board today!”

Nick George

CEO, High Peaks Hospice

“Business is the best it’s been all-year, just a few weeks after taking the program.” 

Jon Block

Founder, Speaker Venture

“Having my Motivational Map done was hugely validating for me and I was able to immediately apply the information within 24 hours to successfully book a client at my highest asking rate yet!”  

Jay Pryor

Author of Lean In and CEO, Jay Pryor Consulting

“Ani and Brian are true professionals! They tailored their presentation to fit the theme of my event and the needs of my audience.  I’m not wowed very often, but they wowed me. I look forward to working with them again and building a long-term business relationship.  And I would refer them to any audience who is looking for speakers on personal development, motivation and mindset.”

Debbie Allen

Creator, The Highly Paid Expert

 “Ani and Brian were enthusiastic and engaging speakers who added huge value to THE REAL DEAL seminar with their novel sensation-based approaches. They genuinely cared enough to learn about our audience’s needs so that they could present customized and actionable solutions. We received phenomenal feedback from our attendees who felt they walked away with immediate value. I highly recommend having them at your next event.”

Angelique Rewers

CEO, The Corporate Agent